• The Challenge team has been partnering with Israel's best and brightest since 1995.  Through two funds we have invested in 77 portfolio companies and generated multiple exits, including the sale of CopperGate to Sigma Designs, the sale of 3DV to Microsoft, the sale of Bitband to Motorola, and the IPO's of D-Pharm, Voltaire, and Proteologics.  We support both privately held and publicly traded companies, in a diverse range of sectors and at various stages, on the path to growth and success.
  • As one of the first funds in Israel, we have a track record of assisting our partners. We harness our capital, our many years of international contacts and our extensive managerial experience in support of our portfolio companies.
  • In addition to our investments we provide open innovation scouting services to help multinational corporations identify external sources of innovation and investment opportunitites.
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